Leader: Kathy Casebolt 

Location:  Box on Trophie Case Near Mailboxes

Who is this program for? Anyone who has coupons to share or needs coupons to save on purchases.

Just bring in your coupons, clipped is best, and place in Rachel Tyree's mailbox. Then get any coupons you might need from the coupon box near the mailboxes at church. Feel free to get coupons even if you have none to share. You can save lots of money at our local grocery stores -- especially when they have double coupon days.


Leader: Cynthia Fair 


Who is this program for? All ladies of WRBC who love the Lord and desire to encourage their sisters in Christ. Who understand the crucial need and the power of prayer and encouragement as we all struggle in obedience to our Lord, and with unity among believers!

What is it? Participants will fill out a questionnaire about themselves. These will be collected and placed “in a pot”. Each participant will then chose a questionnaire out of the pot. This person will become their “secret pal”.

What is the purpose of this program?

1. Our first and most important goal of this program is to pray for each other.

2. Encourage and uplift our sisters in Christ in a fun (secret) way.

How will this be done?

1. You will be expected to pray for your pal often! Embrace the power of prayer! This is the most loving gift you can give to her!

2. Once a month you should send a note to your pal (via post mail or church mailboxes) containing words of encouragement, reminding them that you are praying for them, a special scripture to share or whatever the Lord has placed on your heart.

3. We will have 3 socials. The first will in February (see below), this will introduce us to our pals. The second will be in June, giving us a chance to see how are pal is doing. The third will be in December, when our secret pals will be revealed!

What about gifts? We will handle gifts differently this year. Each month you may include a SMALL token with your note of encouragement BUT it must cost under $1 (a flower or candy bar etc.)*. This restriction on gifts satisfies two purposes:

1. Keeps the focus on our thoughts and words, not the gift.

2. The gifts do not become a financial burden and so allows those to participate who may not have done so previously due to the expense.

*A Christmas gift may be given of $10 or less.

How do I sign up? Keep an eye out in January. Information will be provided on the website and in the church bulletin. Announcements will also be made during church.

What if I have a question? If you have any questions you may contact Cynthia Fair.