Children's Director

Donna Williams


SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sunday Mornings at 9:45am

Teachers: Anneliese Gaught 

Location:  C-1 & C-2


Babies and toddlers are invited to meet each Sunday morning to learn about Jesus and enjoy crafts and snacks.  We invite you to bring your young ones to join us.
Preschool (4-5 Years)

Teacher:  Pam Cassidy

Location:  C-4


Leader: Christy Parker

Location: C-7

Each Sunday morning, Mrs. Christy's kindergarten class meets at 9:45am. We always start our morning off with a snack while listening to music. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies! At 10:00am, we meet in our "dugout" where we share our prayer requests and read our Bible story. After our story, we do a craft that goes along with our story. Every Sunday, I choose one child to be my "MVP." He or she is then my helper/line leader for the day.

I welcome you to bring your child to join us! We have so much fun together learning about God's word!

First Grade

Teacher:  Brenda Lewis

Location:  C-3


Come join us on Sunday mornings as we unlock the treasures of the Bible. Each Sunday, we start our class by praying to God. We then study a lesson from the Bible which is followed by a craft that enhances the lesson. As we nourish our minds, we also enjoy a snack to nourish our bodies. Come join us for a great time.

Second Grade

Teacher:  Hank and Tolly Fincher

Location:  C-5



Each Sunday, we learn about doing God’s work by applying His words from the Holy Bible to our daily lives. We learn how to love Him, praise Him and thank Him. We have many hands-on activities. These have included marching around the Walls of Jericho with Joshua seven times to learn about obedience and faith in God; and laying in the belly of a fish with Jonah to learn obedience. In one of our most exciting exercises, we fought against Goliath with David and learned that with God we can defeat the Giants in our lives.

We have prayer requests and write the prayer requests on a board in our room so that we can pray for everyone on our list. We also encourage our children to pray for the people or places on our prayer list daily when they are at home.

We have snacks each week that we try to coordinate with our lessons. For example, if we are studying about Ruth and Naomi, we may serve bread and cheese. If studying Jonah, we eat goldfish. We are very allergy conscious and serve no products with nuts. We serve only sugar free lemonade or ice water.

Currently, we have a contest running that whoever has the best attendance for the quarter wins the snack of their choice. As of right now, we have three children who are tied.

It is our privilege and blessing to teach your children. Our wish is to have as many smiling faces in our classroom as possible.

Third & Fourth Grades

Teacher:  Michelle Woosley

Location:  C-6



Each Sunday morning, we start our class time with prayer requests and praises to God for all the good things He does in our daily lives.  If you don't know how to pray, we will help you!  Everyone in the class learns how to talk to God and is comfortable praying out loud after they learn how.  God wants us to talk to Him!

We have a structured lesson with fun activities based around our lesson. We have a great time fellowshipping with one another and learning God's Word.

Every Sunday we have a snack (like rice krispy treats, pretzels, cookies) and a drink. On the last Sunday of the month we "play with our food" by creating something based on our bible theme for the month. The kids get 4 to 5 items and are creative with the edible items, explain what it is and how it relates to our theme and then eat what they created. We welcome you come and enjoy learning about God's Word in a fun atmosphere.

Fifth Grade

Teacher:  Kay Howard

Location:  F-11





Sixth Grade

Teacher:  Tina Berry

Location:  F-10





CHILDREN'S CHURCH - Sunday Mornings at 11:00am

Teacher:  Rotating

Location: W-5