SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sunday Mornings at 9:45am
Men I

Teacher:  Jerry Cox

Location:  F-9


This class is open to all adult men, young and old. We study the Bible from cover to cover and take the time to study and discuss each verse as we go. We aim to grasp the meaning of each verse studied with emphasis on its meaning and how it applies today. Currently we are in the book of Deuteronomy. If you love to study God's word and enjoy discussing it, come join us each Sunday morning.
Men II - Senior Men

Teacher:  Randy Hodge

Location:  F-17

Come join us each Sunday as Brother Randy Hodge carries us on a journey back in time through each story in the Bible.  Learn new things that you didn't already know, as well as, more information on topics with which you are already familiar.  Each week, the Men's II class travels back to the early days of Jesus Christ.  Join us and you too can be amazed through the power of the Bible.
Ladies I - 20s to 30s

Teacher:  Kathy Patterson

Location:  F-19

Ladies II - 40s to 70s

Teacher:  Joyce Hale

Assistant Teacher: Gail Parker

Location:  F-18


The Ladies II Sunday School Class is made up of mature, but young thinking, ladies that happen to be mothers, grandmothers and aunts.  Some of us have enjoyed the realization that our children are already grown. We are very proud of them as they find their own way in this big and wonderfu world. We thank God for guidance during those training years, but are enjoying the freedom from child rearing. Many of us have added other roles as God has blessed us with grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have some ladies in our class who have taken on the task of helping guide their nieces and nephews as well. We take our responsibilities seriously and teach our children that God's way is the best way to live our lives.

Our present Bible study plan is "Life Values, Bible Study for Life." The lesson plan teaches us how the Bible is still relevant in today's busy and complex world. Our prayer is that we will be used by Christ to lead others to Him and to live closer to Christ each day.

We invite other ladies to join us to study about Jesus Christ, walk in fellowship with the love of Christ, and to have lots of fun as we share about our lives and learn from others.

Ladies III - Senior Ladies

Teacher:  Florence Koonce

Location:  F-20



The Ladies III class is an open Bible study to encourage a flexible degree of group interaction as we study God's Word through "Explore the Bible" adult commentary.  The first fifteen minutes of class is devoted to fellowship time as we discuss past week activities and up coming events.  Bible study starts with prayer requests followed by prayer.  No one is obligated to participate, but all have the opportunity to do so.  

Most Sundays, we have a designated reader after which the lesson is summarized verse by verse.  Everyone is then invited to participate in the questions and answers session.  Our class then ends with a final prayer.  We invite everyone to come and join our class on Sunday mornings - we would love to have you. 

Ladies IV - Senior Ladies

Teacher:  Margaret Worley

Location: F-16



The Ladies IV Sunday School Class is made up of ladies of various ages (20's - 60's).  Or class started out as a couples class, but has gradually changed into a ladies class.  Anyone is welcome to come and study with us.  We are currently studying the book "Women of the Bible" by Jane F. Syswerdo.

Young Marrieds

Teacher:  Brian Jackson

Location:  F-12





The Young Married Class is a fun group devoted to growing closer to God as individuals, couples, and families through scripture study, prayer time, and fellowship. We look for applicable lessons from God’s Word and how it can be applied to our daily lives. We share our struggles and triumphs with each other and learn to rely on God through prayer and to rely on each other through Christian fellowship. Come join us!

Couples I - 30s

Teacher: Don and Denise Cloud

Location: W-9




Our class is for those who are searching for direction in life. It is for those who might need support and information on how to deal with their faith, family and relationships. We are focused on how the Bible offers, through scripture, practical and everyday applications to give us the most fulfilling lives possible with our spouses, family and friends.

Our class objective is to strengthen ourselves through biblical lessons and foundational teaching so that we can not only have a closer relationship with the Lord, but also be a light to others.

Couples II - 40s

Teacher: Scott Hutchins

Location:  W-2




The best way to understand our class is to take a look at God’s word.   Here we can find out what our responsibilities are to each other, as a  “community of believers”, in the faith progression process.  We study faith's journey in all seasons of our lives.

What is the goal of the class?

  • To provide an environment of integrated ages and walks in faith to stimulate maturity and godliness through Bible study, relationships and mentoring towards righteousness. 
  • That all members will become planted in the house of the Lord, and grounded in His word.

Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still yield fruit in old age; they shall be full of sap and very green, to declare that the Lord is upright; Psalm 92:12-15.

How will this goal be accomplished?

Bible Study will be a book at a time, usually a chapter a week, studied in context and in its entirety. 2 Tim. 3:14-17 

Praying strengthens our relationship with God and with others. Praying together and for each other will be a priority in our class. James 5:16Relationships can only be built through time together. Our class will involve ourselves in mission projects, service projects, and socials. Therefore, offering an opportunity for mentoring among the members, as well as evangelizing to those we serve outside our class. 1 John 4:12 

Who can be involved in the class

All ages 10 – 100 and any family situation. (Couples, singles, youth, families)

Couples III - 50s

Teacher:  Frank Betterton

Location: W-14




Our class meets weekly in an informal setting to discuss weekly lessons.  We are beginning the Bible study "Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice" by Craig Von Busek.  This book helps us relate to God in our daily lives.

Our class recently finished "Couples of the Bible," which detailed each couples' lives and their relationship to God.  That study helped tremendously to relate similar circumstances in our lives to those couples and how to respond to God.  If you are interested in improving your lives, your marriages, and your relationship to God, we invite you to join us.   


Teacher:  Mo Ricks

Location:  Near Fellowship Hall






Digging Deeper

Teacher:  Terrie Gipson

Location:  F-15





Digging Deeper is a new Sunday School class for those who want to dig deeply into the teaching of the Bible. We are using the “Life Values” material as a basis for the scripture we are studying. As always, we use the Bible itself to teach us more about each specific passage. If you would like to dig deeper into God’s Word, give us a try.

WEDNESDAY WORSHIP - Wednesday at 6:30pm &
SUNDAY NIGHT WORSHIP - Sunday at 5:30pm

Pastor: Hal Howard 

Location:  Sanctuary

Covering various books of the Bible from beginning to end.